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Should you want to be removed from our system and stop all marketing communication from business that we supply, than please complete the following form. We only need a few of your details to delete your household from our records.

    Marketing Lists endeavour to work to the Direct Marketing Association's Code of Practice and the British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion administered by the Advertising Standards Authority. To ensure your household information is removed from other reputable marketing organisations and lists used by the industry, we recommend that you register with the preference services.

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    Proven with 25 years experience Marketing List has established a high profile client base. Our fast and impressive services can be delivered the same day, competitively priced because we want your business.

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    We're here to help you understand data-marketing and how to make the most of our products. Our professional advice is free so use our knowledge and expertise to integrate data that will boost your marketing.

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    Our products come with a promise of excellence. Our aim is to gain your loyalty by providing a reliable service. We believe ourselves to be the best and will uphold such reputation by working alongside you every step of the way.

    Marketing Agencies - We want to work with you!

    Marketing List work in tandem with marketing agencies to help utilise client data in beneficial and valuable ways.

    • Increase conversion rates. Bespoke build a Marketing List 100% fit for purpose.
    • Improve campaign costs. Reduce undeliverable and returned mail by cleansing customer data prior to a campaign.
    • Identify new markets. Promote client products to look-a-like customers that are proven to be more responsive
    • Generate a revenue stream. Receive a profit share on data services generated from joint collaborations

    Our Partners

    With 25 years of experience we have established a high profile client base and exceptional track record.

    Case Studies

    Online Data Tools

    Licensed partner of the D-MOS data tools. Take advantage of our discounted partner rates. Contact us now to get started

    Palantir Blue

    CLEAN, PROILE & ENHANCE your data online and for FREE in three easy simple steps…

    • Register & Login
    • Upload your Data
    • Get a Free Data Audit Report

    Propense Purple

    Classify your data by demographic segmentation to target UK consumers more accurately…

    • FREE Profile Report
    • Understand Your Data
    • Pinpoint Profitable Audience Segments

    IRIS - SCS Direct

    Factor Score Targeting. Rank data suitability by factor scores based on Census and Factual data variables

    • Statistical data analysis
    • Rank customer performance
    • Better demographic targeting

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