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Target the right people with the right Marketing List. We supply all types of Marketing Lists for differing market sectors all proven to return results. Our speciality is creating bespoke build marketing lists by searching through thousands of data variables across the UK population.

Consumer (B2C)

from 40 million individuals

+ telephone numbers

+ lifestyle selections

Business (B2B)

from 2 million companies

+ telephone numbers

+ industry variables

At the start of the Marketing List create and customise phase, we make certain to listen to our clients and learn about their business, to ensure their Marketing List build is 100% fit for purpose. We outline the parameters of the bespoke build by incorporating three important factors…

  • Data Intelligence

    Marketing Lists access the UK's most accurate lifestyle databases, as well as Census information to identify consumer behaviour, lifestyle habits and factual attributes to determine which people are most suited to your products or services.

  • Industry Knowledge

    Trends in your customer base may be obvious, especially if you're knowledgeable of your business sector. By knowing who your target audience is, we can use these same characteristics to build you a targeted Marketing List.

  • Understanding your Customers

    Locate look-a-like prospects by understanding the characteristics of your existing customers. Marketing List can analyse your data to identify the core classifications of your customers and then supply new individuals that have the same lifestyle make-up.

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Grey Market

This older audience is reaching the time when they require help in their everyday daily life.

Near Neighbours

Neighbours are often similar types of people living in comparable homes that aspire to have the same type of lifestyle.


Celebrations are in the near future. Promote products before decisions or purchases are made for their birthday.

Home Movers

Recently moved house there is an immediate need for financial services, home improvements and household goods.

Charity Donators

People that give to one or multiple charities, donating to a specific type such as animal, children, or medical charities.

Satellite Subscribers

These individuals enjoy spending time and money on entertainment in the home.

Home Improvers

Planning renovations to their home these people have budgeted to spend money on their property.

Car Owners

With one car or multiple cars these households are flexible to travel to local interests or places of attraction.

Sub Prime

Individuals that struggle to acquire credit due to previous or recent financial difficulties.

Directors at Home

Company directors at their private residence currently hold a directorship in one or more UK private or public companies.


Prospects at their private residence that currently hold shares in one or more FTSE company.

Married with Children

Traditional families with a child or children in the household.

Affluent Retired

Financially secure these affluent retired individuals have time to enjoy the finer things in life.

First Time Buyers

Living at home with their parents these young individuals need assistance to get on the property ladder.

Lady of the House

These ladies manage the home and have the major influence in making decisions within the household.

Newspaper Readers

Broadsheet or Popular newspapers typically have different demographic characteristics.

Internet Users

With a home computer and internet connection these households have an internet and telephone provider.

Factory & Manual Workers

Working in a manual or risky environment these individuals are more likely to develop health related problems.

High-Value Homes

These rich homeowners live in large high-value houses.

Catalogue Shoppers

These households don't always have time to go clothes shopping and buy by mail order from catalogues and similar medium.

TV Ready

Own a new generation television, HD, Plasma, LCD, LED, 3D.

Telephone Friendly

Responsive to telephone communication and have previously completed surveys or research questionnaires.

Young Executives

Young healthy and hard working. Aspiring execs highly motivated to achieve at all levels.

Mortgage File

Homeowners between 25 and 55 have been living at their home from 2 to 12 years.

Marketing Agencies - We want to work with you!

Marketing List work in tandem with marketing agencies to help utilise client data in beneficial and valuable ways.

  • Increase conversion rates. Bespoke build a Marketing List 100% fit for purpose.
  • Improve campaign costs. Reduce undeliverable and returned mail by cleansing customer data prior to a campaign.
  • Identify new markets. Promote client products to look-a-like customers that are proven to be more responsive
  • Generate a revenue stream. Receive a profit share on data services generated from joint collaborations

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With 25 years of experience we have established a high profile client base and exceptional track record.

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CLEAN, PROILE & ENHANCE your data online and for FREE in three easy simple steps…

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Propense Purple

Classify your data by demographic segmentation to target UK consumers more accurately…

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IRIS - SCS Direct

Factor Score Targeting. Rank data suitability by factor scores based on Census and Factual data variables

  • Statistical data analysis
  • Rank customer performance
  • Better demographic targeting

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