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Cleansing Marketing Lists – it's what we do best!

Our List Wash service provides a comprehensive data cleanse to ensure every aspect of your marketing list is correct and up-to-date. The List Wash service has different wash levels so you can pick and choose which cleanse services are most suited to your data.

The cleanse bundles include the following data services:

  • Address Correction
  • De-duplication
  • Preference Screening
  • Residency Verification
  • Deceased & Gone Away Removal
  • Telephone Number Updates

Bundle the cleanse levels for discounts or opt for a full service to receive the best List Wash rates.

  • Address Correction

    Poorly formatted addresses will result in undeliverable items, returned mail, referencing mistakes and ultimately will cost you an unnecessary expense. Before your marketing campaign starts, Marketing List can reduce your spend and save you money by checking and improving address information to a valid standard.

    • Restructure addresses to the Royal Mail (PAF) standard
    • Update missing address information
    • Correct wrong postcodes
    • Validate spelling mistakes or formatting errors
    • Organise address lines into a neat, standard format

    The Postcode Address File (PAF) is the most up-to-date and complete address database in the UK, containing over 28 million addresses and the only complete source of all known UK Postcodes.

    Bundle ‘Address Correction’ into your cleanse to receive a discount on your List Wash.

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  • De-duplication

    Remove duplicate records and reduce your production costs. Whether conducting a postal or telephone campaign, duplicate records in your data will result in contacting the same individual more than once. Duplicating twice as much work is a waste of time, money and gives an amateurish impression of your business.

    De-duplication can be performed across single or multiple files and processed at different levels depending on your requirements or campaign type, for example:

    • Telephone level
    • Address level
    • Individual level

    Bundle ‘De-duplication’ into your cleanse to receive a discount on your List Wash.

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  • Preference Screening

    The Preference services are lists of households that do not wish to receive unsolicited marketing information by mail or phone. Screening your data against the preference services is a legal requirement and condition of the Direct Marketing Association’s Code of Practice and the British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion administered by the Advertising Standards Authority.

    By screening your data against these registers you:

    • Adhere to industry regulations
    • Eliminate non-responsive individuals
    • Save money by not wasting it on the wrong audience

    Mail Preference Service (MPS)

    The MPS is a register of individuals that do not want to receive unsolicited direct mail. These consumers wish to have their names and home addresses in the UK removed from lists used by the industry. All mailers should ensure that their non customer mailing lists are screened against the MPS.

    Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

    The TPS is a central opt out register whereby individuals can register their wish not to receive unsolicited sales and marketing telephone calls. It is a legal requirement that companies do not make such calls to numbers registered on the TPS.

    Corporate Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

    The CTPS is a register of corporate subscribers including corporate bodies such as a limited company in the UK, a limited liability partnership in England, Wales and Northern Ireland or any partnership in Scotland. It also includes schools, government departments and agencies, hospitals, PLC's and other public bodies

    Bundle ‘Preference Screening’ into your cleanse to receive a discount on your List Wash.

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  • Residency Verification

    Verify that individuals within your data still reside at their given address, providing reassurance that your communication will reach the right person. Verifying against the “Data Pool” also confirms that the person has not opted-out of receiving marketing information.

    Bundle ‘Residency Verification’ into your cleanse to receive a discount on your List Wash.

    Name Uplift & Enhancement

    Using your addresses we can source the name of the current occupier. Appending names from the “Data Pool” populates people that have not opted-out of receiving marketing information. This service is used to:

    • Add Names to Addresses
    • Enhance name data with additional values such as Forename or Salutation (title)
    • Correct spelling mistakes
    • Replace invalid names with the current occupiers name

    Data Pool is a combination of numerous confirmed data sets including, the Edited Electoral Roll, name and address level data from the financial markets and significant data contributions from partner organisations. All data is fully compliant to provide accurate, up to date consumer data with coverage across the UK population.

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  • Deceased & Gone Away Removal

    Every day, there are around 10,000 changes to personal information, in the UK. Approximately 200,000 people emigrate; 3.25 million people move house and 600,000 people die every year.

    • Don’t waste money on marketing to people who are no longer at the same address
    • Don’t upset bereaved families with marketing to their recently deceased
    • Don’t ruin the professional image of your business
    • Don’t ignore your duty under the Data Protection Act
    • DO use Marketing List to keep your data maintained to a high standard of quality

    It’s cheaper to screen your list for deceased and gone-aways before a campaign than to receive returned mail and incur postage costs. By reducing campaign costs and improving delivery rates this in turn increases the efficiency of your marketing.

    Marketing List utilise the leading industry suppression files including:

    • The Bereavement Register (TBR)
    • Mortascreen
    • The Gone Away Suppression file (GAS)
    • National Change of Address (NCOA)

    Bundle ‘Deceased & Gone Aways’ into your cleanse to receive a discount on your List Wash.

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  • Telephone Number Updates

    With up to 100,000 daily changes to phone number information, it is important to be sure you connect with the correct contact and to be sure you can still communicate with your customers.

    Bundle ‘Telephone Number Updates’ into your cleanse to receive a discount on your List Wash.

    Telephone Append

    Telephone numbers are appended by searching against the main UK telecoms providers, successful matches indicate a telephone number is available for append. Telephone Appending is processed at multiple levels of name and address searching. This service is used to:

    • Add an additional channel of communication to your data
    • Update telephone numbers that have changed and are out-of-date
    • Ensure your telephone numbers are up to date and valid

    Telephone Verification

    Telephone numbers are submitted live to UK telecoms providers to verify they are still in use. This service is ideal to verify batches of telephone numbers that are likely to include ex-directory (XD) registrants. This is because ex-directory numbers are not published or available for append though they account for approximately 50% of all UK telephone numbers. There is no requirement for name or address information, as only the telephone number is searched. This service is used to:

    • Verify if a telephone number is in use
    • Verify when a name or address is not present

    Telephone Flags

    This service uses name & address information to identify which records on your data have a telephone number. Telephone Flags can be used to verify that a person resides at an address or reduce costs by identifying callable households before commencing the telephone append procedure.

    • Flags households that have a telephone number available for append
    • Flags households that are ex-directory (XD)
    • Flags households that do not want receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls
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  • Regular Data Cleansing

    Marketing List offer annual maintenance contracts to ensure your data is regularly cleansed on a monthly or quarterly basis. The cost of an annual maintenance contract can work out cheaper than performing a full wash on an ad-hoc basis. To guarantee your data is kept up-to-date at competitive rates, call us today.

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